07-09-2022 - 07-09-2022

Today we handed over a NST machine (Neonatal Stress Test) / Fetal monitor, to Cantonment Hospital. NST screening is non invasive & a very critical part of prenatal checkup, used by doctors in the to be mother's late pregnancy to assess fetal status & health of the unborn baby, by means of the fetal heart rate. Cost of this machine is Rs.98,000/- Members and spouses who attended the project are, President Maithili, PE N P Bakshi, R/ Sweety, , Rtn Dr. Pratibha Kataria, R/ann Chandra Aranha, Rtn Faizy & R/ann Tasneem, Rtn Vaijayanti, R/ann Nilofer and myself Rtn Aarti. I thank Rtn Dr Pratibha, who explained in detail, the importance of NST machine in prenatal screening, and all the members who attended this event today. Number of beneficiaries: 150 patients in a month.

Project Details

Start Date 07-09-2022
End Date 07-09-2022
Project Cost 98000
Rotary Volunteer Hours 100
No of direct Beneficiaries 1800
Partner Clubs
Non Rotary Partners
Project Category Disease Prevention and Treatment