First Board of Directors meeting of the Rotary Year 2023-24

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 14 Jul 2023
Meeting Time 18:00:00
Location Rotary Club of Poona office, 7-A Manisha Terrace, 2-A Moledina Road, Pune-411001
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic First Board of Directors meeting of the Rotary Year 2023-24
Meeting Agenda 1. Call the meeting to order at 6.30 PM. 2. Confirm and sign minutes of the Board of Directors Joint Meeting held on 14th Jun 2023. 3. Points arising out of the Minutes. 4. Consider Monthly Attendance Report for Jun 2023. 5. Consider Leave Notes and Resignation(s), from Members, if any. 6. Consider Membership Proposal Card(s) if any. 7. Consider Monthly Accounts for the Month of Jun 2023. 8. Take on record appointment of Chairpersons on various Club Committees. 9. Approval of proposed plans & projects of each Committee under the 5 Avenues. 10. Approval of Budget for 2023-24. (Hon Treasurer is requested to place before the Board proposed Budget for the 2023-24) 11. Resolution for operation of Bank Accounts. 12. Appointment of Trustees, and request the Board of Trustees for approval of recommended Trust Budget. 13. Resolution for appointment of Auditors for 2023-24, and fix their remuneration. 14. Creation of Amendments Committee for Bylaws and Constitution. 15. Discussion and decision on AOP and Billing. 16. Appointment of Honorary Members, if any. 17. Announce List of Holidays in first half (July to Dec 2023) of the Rotary Year. 18. Receive and note the contents of District Governor's Monthly Letter; 19. Consider any other points with the permission of the Chair. 20. To announce date of next Meeting and close the Meeting.
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 9
Minutes of Meeting Minutes of the First Meeting of Board of Directors of Rotary Club Of Poona for 2023-24 held on, 14th July 2023 at 27 A,Manisha Terrace, Moledina Road, Pune 411001 at 6.00 PM The Following were present : President -Rtn Narendra Pal Singh Bakshi - In Chair Vice President- on leave Hon Secretary-Rtn Paramjit Pabby Hon Jt Sec- on leave Hon Treasurer -Maj Gen Amar Krishna,PHD Dir.Service projects.-Rtn Vaijayanti K Dir Youth Service- on leave Dir Vocation service– Rtn Adv Manohar Jagdale Dir International- Rtn Col Viswanathan. President Elect - on leave Dir W/P.- PP Kailash Monga IPP-Maithili M —————————————————————————————— Spl invitee - Sgt at Arms Rtn Qureish Shamsher Agenda Pt. 1. The Meeting was called to order at 6.00 PM sharp. President NPS Bakshi welcomed the Board Members. Agenda Pt. 2. Minutes of the Joint (June ) BoD meeting were read and confirmed. Immediate Past President Rtn Maithili informed the BOD, that Rtn Milan Darda had paid Club subscription and RI Dues remain unpaid and he tendered his resignation. She further informed that Rtn Shehnaz had not yet paid second half club dues.It was agreed that out going treasure & sponsors should follow up for the same. Agenda points. 3-5 were discussed with following actions. A. Attendance records format to be changed. B. Attendance marking to be changed to QR code system in due course of time. Agenda Pt. 6. New proposed membership list was presented and forms to be sent to Membership committee . Agenda Pt 7. As monthly accounts were June not ready, decided to put in next BOD meeting. Agenda Pt. 8 . List of Chairpersons of various Avenues were submitted. Agenda Pt 9. Plans and project under various project were presented and passed. Agenda Pt 10 Proposed Budget for the RY 2023-24 was presented and approved. Agenda Pt 11. It was anonymously resolved that all bank accounts of Rotary Club of Poona Club and Rotary Club of Poona charity trust be operated by President, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer and signatories be changed-with WEF 1st July 2023. Agenda 12. Resignation of outgoing trustees was accepted. PP Pradeep Rathi and PP Awdhut Walimbe were appointed as Trustees for the year 2023-24 for Rotary Club of Poona Charity Trust along with President- Rtn NPS Bakshi Hon Secretary- Rtn PARAMJIT Pabby Hon treasurer- Rtn Gen Amar Krishna President Elect- Rtn Rohit Mitra Trustee - Rtn PP Pradeep Rathi Trustee - Rtn PP Awdhut Walimbe Agenda Point 13. It was resolved to appoint Raiker Associates as auditor for 2023-24 along with CA Amit Gaikwad on mutual agreed terms. Agenda Point 14. It was resolved to create a Bylaw & Amendment Committee comprising of PP Bharat, PP Kailash Monga, PP Ashok Perti, PP Narpati Luthra, PP Awadhut Walimbe, PP Jaideep,and Rtn Shamsher Q. They will review and suggest suitable amendments to the club Bylaws & constitution. Agenda Point 15. In principle it was agreed upon to form AOP. AOP committee will review the terms and condition after seeking legal opinion and will submit detailed draft to BOD. - Membership committee comprising of 2 Past Presidents be formed, to support Chairman PP Narpati Luthra. Agenda Point 16. Hon. Membership to Army Cdr was conferred on 10/07/23 and he was invited for addressing members of RC Poona on 10th evening. A 4 Way Test plaque was presented to him and he reciprocated by presenting a “SWORD OF REGALIA” for yomen service done by RC POONA. - He hosted dinner for 7 couples amongst our members at Command House, POLO VISTA. Dinner was attended by senior Military Officers from Southern Command. - Army Cdr offered premises at Naturopathy centre ‘PRAKARTI’ for establishing Homeopathy Clinic for Serving/ Veterans/ Dependents. Detailed working is under progress. - It was further resolved to add 5 new Hon Members to enhance Image of Rotary. Agenda Point 17. 3 Holidays in the first half year reported. Agenda Point 18. Copy of GML still not received. Agenda Point 19. (A) Officiating Vice President Gen Amar gave overview on programs for the month of July. A Classical_ Bollywood musical program by R/Ann Gauri Shikarpur is being planned for the month of August as synergy meeting with Zone 4 clubs. (B) Dir. Community Service, shared first project of the year of District and RCPoona - Oral Cancer Detection camp at Police Commissioner’s Office, Pune . - followed by, completion of two Cornea transplant surgeries successfully done at KKEI, Koregaon Park. - Visit to Basu Memorial , Dr Basu Vidhyadham for planning with synergy partner RC NIgdi and CSR company. - Continuation of Solar Lamp project was brought to the table, proposed by Rtn Pabby and Seconded by PP Kailash Monga. - Request for Veteran Facility at DhobiGhat cremation grounds received from President PCB was principally agreed and involvement of synergy with like minded clubs be evaluated. - Request for Computer Lab from Guru Nanak Public School, Nana Peth recieved and same to be done with support of District 3131. Detailed proposal invited. - IPP Maithili ,proposed and supported terrace garden on Mahatma Phule Auditorium and committed her contribution of INR1000/ to start with. - Ongoing Asmita project to be continued on priority, with schools in cantonment area. (C) Director Vocation Services Rtn Adv ManoharJagdale shared his plans for the year 2023-24 with plans for approx. 9 Vocational visits, Vocational awards to the Unsung Heroes and Vocational training/ Career Guidance to school children. Focus areas of Cyber crimes training for children. (D) Rtn Leela Madhuri-Director Youth Service, shared her plan over What’s app. - She is planning Inter School Patriotic Songs Singing competition on 19th Aug and requested for a budget of 10k. - She has also planned for Indoor- Outdoor RYLA - Continuation of Savak Masani Elocution Competition - Rotract Clubs retention and formation of new and possible addition of new interact clubs.clubs. (E) It was resolved to continue with no increase in Internal Dues for first half. If required the matter can be brought to AGM. (F) It was resolved to increase INR 1000/- per member towards compulsory donation to Charity Trust and a 10 days notice be issued for the same. (G) PP Kailash Monga appraised the BOD regarding “Project of Scale Water Shed In Maharashtra” in Beed District (H) He shared about online meeting with International partners from Germany, Switzerland etc. the application process is under progress and PP Kailash requested BOD members to work on procurement of Letters of Intent (LoI) from CSR partners known to them. Rotary Clubs from Switzerland and Germany have already committed contribution of approximately $60,000. (I)Expenses on Plaque and Trophy presented to Army Cdr and PDG Sam Irani was approved and regularised. (J) Printing of office stationary and Banners with NEW LOGO was approved. Agenda Point 20 . Next BOD meeting scheduled for Friday 11 August 2023, 6:00pm at Manisha Terrace. Agenda Point 21 .President and BOD applauded and recognised the excellent services rendered by IPP Maithili and her Board of Directors. Agenda Point 22. The meeting was adjourned at 8 PM Rtn Paramjit Pabby Rtn Narendra Pal Singh Bakshi Hon Secretary President