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Dear Family of the Rotary Club of Poona,

Assuming the mantle of the President of an 85-year old team of dedicated, highly professional and very senior Rotarians is a singular honour that brings with it, great responsibility. It’s a responsibility to measure up to the expectations which our members have of me, and also to engage our club members to live up to the expectations that the Rotary world has of our Club. With our own India Rotarian from Kolkata, Rtn Shekhar Mehta, as the President of Rotary International this year, we will surely get a lot of opportunities to contribute to society in creative ways. I look forward to the enthusiastic support of all our Rotarians and Rotary Anns in this endeavour.

Through the next one year, we will focus our efforts on FIVE key aspects.

1. We will maximise the delivery of our social developmental efforts to a finite population of beneficiaries. We will execute a variety of projects of different avenues of service, simultaneously for the same population, say a group of villages, so that we can achieve holistic development of that community which is clearly visible and tangible to that population. Only then will we move on to the next population set. Some of these projects will likely continue over the next few years.

2. We will involve each and every club Rotarian and Ann in at least two projects each, through the year. Active personal participation is the key to an engaged family of club members.

3. We will enhance the administrative processes of our club, to adapt to the various changes that are rapidly coming up in the functioning of Rotary International and RI District 3131.

4. We will each take personal responsibility for making the membership of our club an even more attractive proposition, something for non-members to aspire and compete for. With a view to the future of our club, say 10 years ahead, we will also attract members who are between 40 to 50 years of age.

5. We will enjoy every moment that we spend with our club members and the activities we do. Having fun is an important social responsibility which we owe to ourselves.

As you now know, WE are all in this together – for each other, with each other, we will “Serve to Change Lives”.

I am counting on all of you for that.







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