Talk on CPR Awareness by Dr. Manoj Durairaj

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 25 Sep 2023
Meeting Time 19:00:00
Location Poona Club Limited
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Talk on CPR Awareness by Dr. Manoj Durairaj
Meeting Agenda Talk on CPR Awareness
Chief Guest Dr. Manoj Durairaj
Club Members Present 45
Minutes of Meeting Dr. Durairaj was introduced by Rtn. Dr. Collin Louzado who knew him in his earlier days. Dr. Durairaj then introduced Dr. Khan, an intensivist who explained in detail the importance of seeking medical help or applying CPR within the golden window which is within 10 mins of a suspected cardiac arrest. He demonstrated the correct way to interlock the fingers, the correct pressure and technique for counting the compressions, how to tilt the head back to administer the rescue breath and lastly the instructions for use of AED or Automatic Electronic Defibrillator. It was an excellent session and Dr Durairaj clarified many questions and doubts put forth to him. Many club members also willingly stepped up to the mannequin to practice these life saving techniques, whereby they earned a badge saying ‘I am CPR literate’.